• Procurement Service

Procurement Service


Certainly and Rapidly Procurement Support of Domestic and Overseas Products.

In our procurement business, we support souring domestic and overseas parts, devices, materials, and software with our established network to meet various customer’s requests.
We also attain customer’s expectations by offering import/export arrangements and purchasing services.

Domestic and Overseas Procurement Network

Structured domestic and Overseas sourcing network of various products.

By using our souring network, we offer products in variety of fields.

Product examples & Case Studies
  • Correspond to the SOLOEL Purchasing system
  • Quick Support of the Various Product Sample Purchase
  • Import and Export Arrangements Assistant

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Software Sales

Attain high research outcome, development, and manufacturing lines by the latest image analysis software.

Imatest’s image analysis software is used in many study fields such as image analysis researchers, developers, camera fans.
It will support industry testing software, image sensor calibration, software of camera system structure .

Product examples & Case Studies

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Material Procurement

Offering high added value materials adjusted to customers’ needs.

Support sourcing organic material of Universal Display Company, USA, for Research labs and manufacturing factory.

Product examples & Case Studies
  • OLED technology by Universal Display Corporation

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